Business development and corporate design of a Austrian start-up.

For the Austrian start-up I developed a holistic business design. The whole business & design cycle was completed, the business idea was looked at from different perspectives together with the client to squeeze out the essence of all the thoughts that have been invested and the company started successfully in its first year. My work involved name giving, developing a brand identity including key values and a company vision, figuring out market positioning and target group, coming up with a competitive and realistic business offer, creating a business plan and business model with the help of service design tools, visualising incentives and additional features, generating a transmedia-marketing strategy and of course designing an extensive corporate identity. All of this work was developed with a user-centred (designing together with the end user), co-creational (including the business owner in the process) design process (testing and improving each aspect together with my team) in mind.


The concept of this book is a literary study based on a technical, structural, and textual analysis regarding the content of William Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets. Shakespeare’s most frequently used words were identified and this gathered quantitative information is used to visualize the sonnets typographically and graphically and therefore allows a deeper understanding of Shakespeare’s poetry.


is a research project focusing on the mental disorder and psychological problem known as «Hikikomori». The disorder is a form of total social isolation mostly described in Japan. The visual work tries to illustrate the mental status of a person suffering from this disorder on the example of an average affected adolescent.


The Swarovski Crystal Worlds are a special place which should astonish and amaze. Here numerous events take place every year for which time and again individual, creative, innovative and target group specific solutions for any communication material are found and therefore the field of visual communication gets exhausted and stretched every single time.


Two very distinct construction fences were developed during the architectural reconstruction of the locations Swarovski Wien and Swarovski Innsbruck which appear interesting and three-dimensional. The graphical illustration and the breakup of flat surfaces into lines create a Moiré and a spatial effect respectively when passing by.